WhatsApp Prime APK Download Latest Version 11.2 ( Updated)

Notably, WhatsApp Prime is a bright example. Currently, it is the only version of WhatsApp that lets you video call. You are curious now. Let’s have a look at the app detail.

Among all instant messaging apps on the internet, WhatsApp keeps the throne. It’s apparent due to more than one billion active users online. The management of WhatsApp Plus  is sitting in Facebook headquarter, is improving the original app with few changes at a time. However, the demand for extra functionalities and features is evident.

WhatsApp Prime APK


Consequently, independent developers have the opportunity to slice their bread there.

WhatsApp Prime: App info

The hard and fast facts about the App are below.

App NameWhatsApp Prime
SizeApp is 15 MB
VersionThe version is called 1.2.1.
RequaimentThe system requirement for the App is Android 4.0 or above.
DownloadMore than 900000 people have downloaded the app since its inceptio
Last Update1 Day Ago

Well, after some information, we are excited to tell you about functionalities and features with an acute set of detail

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WhatsApp Prime: Functionalities and features

Let’s experience through the impressive presentation of the App one point at a time.

An increased file transfer option

This version can transfer 300 files at one time, which can include images, videos, or documents.

Preview media without downloading

The user does not need to download the media. It can be previewed without downloading.

Disable Answer option

You can disable answers from your contacts. It means you can send messages, but your connection is forbidden to reply you back. Due to this function, one-sided communication is absolutely possible.

Copy status

If you like a specific status, then you can copy it, and paste it on your status bar.

Never get banned

The developers produced the App with legal sets of codes and protocols. Consequently, you will not get banned from the original App ever.

Increased video size

The video sending size is increased to 70 MB.

Preservation of photo quality

This App delivers your photos with the same condition as you uploaded. Your recipient will get the same resolution and file size.

Disable and enable call button

It happens that you accidentally press the call button while opening chat. This problem is now fixed. You can enable and disable the call button whenever you want.

Increased characters limit

Character limits in all options are increased. Now, you can express more character freedom.

How to install WhatsApp Prime?

The process is pretty straight forward. You must follow the steps.

  • First of all, back up WhatsApp data, then uninstall the original App.
  • After that, download the WhatsApp Prime APK file from any third party website.
  • Go to your settings and enable “Unknown source.”
  • Now, install the APK file.
  • When a popup appears, then click the “Yes” button.
  • You can use the App after verifying your number.
  • You may also need to copy the backup data.

Last words

You must try this new version for the sake of a better change from the original WhatsApp. Maybe you find a convenience along the way. Have a good day.

AZWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2021 – Gbapps.net

AZWhatApp It is the only version that can translate your conversations. We will tell you more about the App and its salient features. So, you must keep reading for more.

AzWhatsapp apk


End-to-end encryption is the only thing that is the foundation of WhatsApp. Due to this, your communication remains private and confidential. You never have to worry about content leakage. Well, that was something about the popular instant messaging App. Now, we will converge towards the versions of WhatsApp. You can find many modified Apps on the internet. You can Check GBWhatsApp OGWhatsApp But, today, we will highlight

AZWhatsApp: App info

The following are the hard facts about the App.

File Size50 MB
Last Update1 Day ago
RequairmentIt requires Android 5.5 or above.
DeveloperAli Al-Zaibi developed this version

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Features and functionalities

All features of the original App are present. We will mention only exclusive features.

Do not disturb mode

When you want peace from the instant messaging, then you can cut the internet connection of the App. And it’s called do not disturb mode.

Better privacy

You can control all private functions. This version allows you to set the desired functionality of ticks, double ticks, play status, typing status, and recording status. You can remain absolutely private with this version.

More fonts

You can use more than 30 new fonts in your conversations.

More themes

The theme library is full of new themes. You can choose from more than 3000 unique themes.

Languages and translations

You can communicate in more than 15 languages on this App. Moreover, you can also translate the message from one language to another.

Secure chats

You can set a password for specific chats. This way, no others can access your conversation.

Anti-delete for messages

This version does not allow the sender to delete messages. Now, you can have the actual message in your grasp.

App lock

You can set a password to the App, which can lock the App for better usage.


You can customize many things on the App, which include the navigation bar, background, App icon, and status bar.


The App works in a legal way. You will never get restricted from the original App.

Contacts online information

The App tells you when your contacts were online. This feature lets you communicate effectively.

AZWhatsApp Installation guide

You will not find the App on Google Play. That’s why you need to download the APK file from any third party website.

  • Now, open your mobile settings and enable “Unknown Source.”
  • Now, download the APK file from the internet.
  • After that, select the APK file from your device storage and install it.
  • It will take a few moments.
  • After installation, you must enter your phone number for verification and start using the App.

Wrap up

This version of WhatsApp+ is a lite version. You will not find it as a burden on your device speed. So, you must use it for a better experience in communication.