NSWhatsapp APK Download (Official) 9.0 Latest Version 2021

NSWhatsApp APK is one of the most popular applications globally. It has more than 1 billion downloads and it is considered as the most used messaging application. As it has lots of similar features with official WhatsApp but you will be amazed to find many interesting options in it.



On the contrary, there are some privacy policies and restrictions related to WhatsApp. For example, you can share media up-to 20 MBs over the official WhatsApp. Keeping such limitations in mind, there are some modified versions of WhatsApp has been launched that provide more features and options to the users. NS WhatsApp is one of them. The best messaging application offers you hundreds of customizable features that you will love.

In the era of revolution, everyone is familiar with social different applications of smartphones. The applications are designed to meet the requirements of the users and help them in possible ways. Similarly, some applications are made for entertainment and fun. WhatsApp is a social application that is made to keep the people connected. It is a messaging application that has many other features like sharing media, audio, and video calls, etc.

Basic Information

The actual name of GB WhatsApp is nswhatsapp3d.apk and you will find this application on the internet with the title ‘NS WhatsApp 3D’. The size of the file is 45.07 MBs only and it is last updated in 2021. The minimum requirement of this version of WhatsApp for successful operation is 4.0

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NSwhatsapp apk

Features of NSWhatsApp

NS WhatsApp offered lots of better features compared with the official WhatsApp. You can enjoy many options in this version which are not available in the official app. Let’s have a look over the features offered by this best messaging application.

Ban Proof Apk

This Apk is ban proof. No restrictionsare occurring over this application by the privacy agencies of WhatsApp. The developers are considering this app the safest to operate in all types of smartphones and other devices.

Updates Quickly

This version of WhatsApp automatically updates itself whenever it is connected to the internet. There are no formal steps required to update NS WhatsApp. You will get the latest and more reliable features whenever the app gets updated by itself.


NS WhatsApp offers lots of different themes by which you can change the complete interface of the Apk. For example, you can change the icon, the background of the chat and contacts; you can change colors and can customize themes as per desired using the NS WhatsApp. There are many themes already available in the NS WhatsApp but you can download many other themes easily for modifying it.


You have many fonts’ options inbuilt in your phone’s working but NS WhatsApp is offering lots of fonts color, design and size.Choose the favorite one and make your conversation style unique.

Status Video

In the official version of WhatsApp, you can upload the only 30-second video on status. If you have a longer video than 30-seconds, you have to crop it in short clips and then upload it separately. In-NS WhatsApp, you can upload videos up to 7 minutes without dividing it into different sections.

Auto-reply of messages

In NS WhatsApp, you can schedule your messages very easily. Just select the date and time when you have to send a message. After adding the information, the Apk file will automatically send a message to the user on the provided time. This feature is very helpful for users who use WhatsApp for business deals.

Media Sharing

In the official WhatsApp, you can share audio files up-to-the size of 20 MBs. NS WhatsApp is offering you the best feature of sharing audio files up-to 300 MBs. In the case of videos, you can send videos up to 1 GB very comfortably using this fantastic WhatsApp.

Privacy Options

There are lots of options available in NS WhatsApp related to privacy. You can hide status; you can hide blue ticks, white ticks and even delivery reports using this WhatsApp. You have often observed the ‘typing’ showing under the name of the user with whom you are chatting. In NS WhatsApp, you can hide this typing very easily and never others about yourself.

Interface Customization

NS WhatsApp is a fully customizable Apk file. It helps to change the chat color, style, app icon and notification bar as per desired. All these options are freely available in NS WhatsApp.


The Apk file offers lots of Emojis which are not available in the official WhatsApp. You can send many different stickers, Emojis, GIFS which haven’t seen by your friends. Surprise them and make your chatting style different from others.

Lock Particular Conversations

In NS WhatsApp, you can lock particular chats by applying a password, pattern, and fingerprint. In this way, you can give your phone to others without any hesitation and keep your chats safe and private.

Installation Process of NS WhatsApp

The NS WhatsApp is very easy to install. This is a third-party application and not available on the Google play store. But there is no need to worry about its search; it is easily available on the official page of NS WhatsApp.

NS WhatsApp

The following are the steps that you need to follow for downloading NS WhatsApp.

  • Visit the official page of NS WhatsApp Apk
  • You will find the downloading option on this page.
  • Before downloading the Apk file, allow the permissions of the unknown source from the settings.
  • Save the Apk file in the Downloads folder of your phone.
  • Wait until the download completes.
  • After the complete downloading of NS WhatsApp, launch the app and make an account.
  • Customize the options and features accordingly
  • Start enjoying NS WhatsApp

Final Verdict

All the features and options mentioned in the article related to NS WhatsApp are fantastically amazing and not available in any other WhatsApp. You can download it easily by following the description given in the content and enjoy the best messaging application freely in your device. Install the app in any android device and enjoy the best features of NS WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Mix APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2021

Social networking is common these days. People share media, watch videos and enjoy trending stuff on different social apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. WhatsApp is a messaging application that is designed for sending audio and video files during the conversation. WhatsApp works very fast compared to other messaging apps and a good way of communicating to people all around to globe.


Whatsapp Mix

There are some of the privacy policies offered by WhatsApp that restrict its use. Other than actual features, there are many new options and features are introduced in the latest version of WhatsApp known as WhatsApp Mix Apk.

File Information

File NameWhatsApp Aero
Size 56.0
Latest version
Last Update1 hour ago

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Features of WhatsApp Mix APK

Multiple Accounts

WhatsApp mix Apk offers the user to make multiple accounts on it. It means that you can add more numbers in a single WhatsApp and enjoy different accounts. It provides access to making three accounts at the same time on having a single application on your phone.

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Backup Feature

The best thing about having WhatsApp mix Apk in your phone is that it can keep your conversations and media safe and secure. You can back up your chats very easily through this smart application. You can save your contacts, their details, images and other files using this backup feature.

Online Appearance

You can keep your online appearance visible every time. It means that if your phone screen is locked, or you are not using your WhatsApp, this feature will keep you online.

Hide Conversations

WhatsApp Mix Apk allows the user to hide the chat without deleting them. You can keep your conversations secret and safe using this amazing application. You can apply pattern lock over the chats and open them through the pattern. Such a fantastic privacy feature is not available in any other similar messaging app. In this way, you can keep your business and official conversation private within the WhatsApp Mix Apk.

DND feature

DND stands for ‘Do Not Disturb’ This option makes the WhatsApp disconnected to the internet when your smartphone is connected to WIFI or mobile data. You just need to enable the DND mode of the WhatsApp Mix Apk and use the other apps very easily. DND never shows you WhatsApp notification by which you can watch videos, Drama serial and movies very easily on your phone without being disturbed by WhatsApp notifications. This feature helps you in the case when you are angry with someone.

Download Stories and Statuses

WhatsApp Mix Apk allows its users to save the statuses and stories of others as it is on their phones. There is no need to ask others for having video or picture which is uploaded as their status. Just use the feature of downloading stories and all the media would be safe on your phone without any problem.

Customize app icon

WhatsApp Mix Apk has another interesting feature by which you can change the app icon according to your choice. You can change the design of the notification bar and can add desired colors and patterns in it. In this way, you can hide the WhatsApp Mix Apk when it is present in your phone.

View Other’s online

Using WhatsApp Mix Apk, you can view others online without showing yourself to them. This is a completely amazing feature by which you can see who is using WhatsApp without letting him know about yourself.

Large-sized Videos

You can share larger than 20 MB video using WhatsApp Mix Apk. This facility is not available in the original WhatsApp which limits the size up to 20 MB. Using WhatsApp Mix Apk, share larger videos directly to others.

More Images

WhatsApp allows the user to send only 30 images in a single turn. In the case of WhatsApp Mix Apk, you can send 90 images in one turn. This feature is not only amazing but also saves time.


Add different colors and themes in the interface of WhatsApp Mix Apk using themes feature. This feature allows you to change the chat colors and apply different themes to make your WhatsApp unique and stylish.

More options

You can change the color of the white and blue ticks using WhatsApp Mix Apk, you can download new themes and stickers, and you can resend messages of more than one line by hiding the time of sending. All these features make the WhatsApp Mix Apk, a super interesting application in all the ways.

Installation Process of WhatsApp Mix APK

It is very simple and easy to install this application on your phone. WhatsApp Mix Apk is not available on Google Play store but there is no need to be worried about it. You can install the apk file from the link available on the official page of WhatsApp Mix Apk

  • First of all, allow the permissions of the unknown source from the settings of the phone
  • WhatsApp Mix Apk
  • After enabling permissions, visit the official page of
  • Click on the link which is given for downloading WhatsApp Mix Apk
  • Wait until the download completes
  • WhatsApp Mix Apk
  • After successful downloading the Apk, locate it in your phone and launch it
  • Make different accounts on it and enjoy its super fantastic features.
Pros of WhatsApp Mix APK
  • Super-fast application
  • Hundreds of unique features
  • Simple to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • 3D user interface


Cons of WhatsApp Mix APK
  • It requires more space compared to other applications
  • Third-party application
  • Sometimes, it shows annoying advertisements.

Final Words

WhatsApp mix Apk is just an amazing application with all the unusual features and options that are not available in the official app. Like Whatsapp Plus You can use these features for free if you have WhatsApp mix APK installed on your phone. The application is simple to download and easily accessible through the official page of WhatsApp Mix Apk. Moreover, you can customize this application as desired. You can even change the icon and usual modes of WhatsApp in this Apk file. Get this best version of WhatsApp mix Apk on your phone and enjoy using it.


GBWhatsapp Delta APK Download (Official) 5.2 Latest Version 2021

GBWhatsApp Delta is a new mod of WhatsApp which is created by the owners of GB WhatsApp Apk. In this application, there are some features added with the combination of GB WhatsApp which make it a fantastic application.


Installation of Delta WhatsApp Apk

Delta WhatsApp Apk is a third party application. It is not available on the Google play store. You can download the apk file from the URL available on the official page of Delta WhatsApp.

  • First of all, go to the settings of your android phone and select the option of privacy from here
  • Enable the option of unknown source for the successful installation of Delta WhatsApp Apk
  • Connect your phone with the internet and search for the official page of Delta WhatsApp Apk
  • You will find an option of downloading over here.
  • Click on the Apk file and save the file in the Downloads folder
  • Wait until the download completes
  • As soon as the downloading completes, launch the app file and create your account on it.
  • You can now enjoy Delta WhatsApp

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Basic Information of Delta WhatsApp

The actual name of this Modified version of WhatsApp is Delta-GB WhatsApp Apk. It was last updated in January 2020.  The APK File size is 34.84 MB and you can enjoy this Apk file in any android and window device.

Main Features of GB Delta WhatsApp Apk

Delta WhatsApp is a modified version of GB WhatsApp in which many features are added.

Compatible with stickers and Emojis

Delta WhatsApp allows you to use your favorite stickers and Emojis very easily with this Apk. You can download hundreds of keyboards and stickers on your phone and enjoy sending them via Delta WhatsApp without any problem.

Forwarded Message Removal

Delta WhatsApp has a very interesting feature that is not offered by any other Apk. You have often seen the tag appear as a forwarded message with those texts that are sent by some conversations. In the Delta WhatsApp, you can remove that word very easily and forward any message comfortably

Group calls and messages

You can make groups with lots of people without any limitations. Similarly, you can make video calls with multiple contacts in a single turn easily using delta WhatsApp Apk.

Anti-ban Feature

This feature prevents the user from being banned. Delta WhatsApp is the Apk file that makes you ban free and you can use freely use WhatsApp with the threat of being blocked.

Backup Data Feature

Delta WhatsApp is the smart application that never removes your data completely from memory. There is a backup feature introduced in the Delta WhatsApp that lets you save your conversations completely without saving them in any other folder.

Icon Variations

The Delta WhatsApp Apk offers more than 35 icons to the users so that they can change and modify the app’s icon from the home screen. In this way, you can keep your WhatsApp secret and make others confused about your smart Apk.

Call blocking Feature

You can block any of your contacts without letting them know about it. You can also select whether the ring will show to them or not. You can completely customize this feature easily using Delta WhatsApp.

Automatic Replying Feature

You can send messages automatically by just connecting the application with the internet. For this purpose, you need to design a schedule in which you have to add the date and time along with the message that you need to send. This smart Apk will send the message automatically to the selected contact without further operation.

Images and Videos

You can send images and videos to your contacts without having any decrease in their quality. Delta WhatsApp lets the user send the media as it is without any compression. You can send videos up to 50 MBs and send audio files up to 100 MBs by Delta WhatsApp.

Story Features

 You can upload videos of the duration of 7 minutes if you have Delta WhatsApp on your phone. There is no need to trim or crop the video for applying over the status.

Safe and Secure Apk

Although, Delta WhatsApp is a third party application and it is considered that such apps bring malware in the device but delta WhatsApp is 100% safe and secure application to use in any device. It never shows annoying advertisements and never makes disturbing changes in the phone.


Delta WhatsApp supports multiple languages so that the users enjoy its fantastic features in his native language.

Customized conversation and notification

You can not only change the delta WhatsApp icon but can also customize notifications easily. You can change the style of the notification bar, add chat bubbles and modify contact row accordingly in delta WhatsApp.


What is the difference between GB WhatsApp and Delta WhatsApp?

Actually, delta WhatsApp is nothing special but a modified version of GB WhatsApp. In the GB WhatsApp, some of the necessary features introduced and it is then named as Delta WhatsApp

Is there any possibility of banning the account?

There is less chance of banning accounts as it is one of the famous features of delta WhatsApp.

Can Delta WhatsApp change the phone’s interface?

Although it is a third party application and considered as illegal by the official WhatsApp developers it never interferes with the phone’s working. You can use any other application on your phone and you will not face any change created by Delta WhatsApp.

What is the minimum requirement of the Android system for operating Delta WhatsApp?

Delta WhatsApp can be operated if you have a minimum operating system Android 2.2.

Can fonts be customized using Delta WhatsApp?

There are multiple font sizes and styles offered by Delta WhatsApp by which you can change them easily.



Final Verdict

Delta WhatsApp is an interesting application and a better version of GB WhatsApp. You can make changes in the app’s working as desired and enjoy socializing with your friends. The Delta WhatsApp is free of cost application and lets you do all those things which are not available on the official WhatsApp. Download the Apk now and enhance the charm of using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Group Links Latest List Join Now [Hourly Updates] 2020

WhatsApp is an interesting application and most trending nowadays. People have made lots of groups in which they all spend their time talking to others and sharing media with them. With the passage of time, talking to old friends and joining group conversations appear dull and boring. If you are looking for some new friends and want to enjoy more, this is the right time to join new WhatsApp Groups.In this article, we are going to show you the most trending and interesting WhatsApp group links that help you to come in contact with new friends.

WhatsApp Group Links

There are lots of categories offered by these group links which are mentioned below. Just click over these WhatsApp group links and join as many groups as you want which are divided into different categories.

Friendship Group Links

WhatsApp Group Links

Friendship group links are designed to let the WhatsApp user join different conversational groups by clicking over the link. These links are directed ways towards the people who belong to different countries and have a different way of living. Friendship group links are further categorized according to the interest and location. For example, there are some friendship groups in which only girls are present, some have boys and there is some other one in which both male and female users are present. Friendship groups are made with having different languages specified related to their area. Join these groups and make new friends very easily who belong to different regions of the world.

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Poetry WhatsApp Group Links

Poetry groups include not only poetry but also some famous and interesting quotes to which you can share with your contacts. There are some of the poetry groups in which informational messages have shared that help the users to stay connected to the world. You can send your poetry and self-made quotes in these groups and see the comments of people on them. The poetry group links are further categorized in different languages according to the interest and understanding of the user who wants to join poetry groups.

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Funny Messages Group Links

Some of the interesting groups are funny messages and memes groups that make you laugh hard every single time whenever you connect yourself to WhatsApp. These groups include the memes which are related to the current situations or some exaggerating posts that keep you smiling the whole day. The memes and jokes are shared by people all over the world by which you can understand their sense of humor in a better way. Remove the stress by joining the funny messaging and memes group and enjoy all the day by reading them again and again.

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Adult WhatsApp Group Links

WhatsApp Group Links

In this context, some of the 18+ posts and videos are shared. People from all over the world become a part of such groups for not fun and entertainment but for personal satisfaction. The links of adult groups are considered as secret and not shared with everyone due to the privacy policies of the application. So, if you want to be the part of such groups, join them by adult WhatsApp group links.

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WhatsApp Group Links for Music

Music is the passion and people want to get updates by the new music introduced in the world. This is quite time-consuming work and you have to visit the pages of your favorite singers individually to get updates. On the other hand, if you have joined any GBWhatsApp group for music. You will get each notification about the latest songs in time, not only this, you can get the downloaded files of the songs, their video clips and their releasing dates through these groups. People usually take an active part in such groups and let the other know what is trending these days.

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Online Earning Groups

WhatsApp Group Links

There are lots of groups made on the WhatsApp that let you start a new business either by getting new ideas or by partnerships. You can meet the world’s best job holders in such groups and can deal with those who want some workers for their business. So, you can learn some basic strategies related to business dealings and start a business on your own. If you have any work on a huge scale, you can ask other people to become your client and ultimately get paid amounts by you. Get the most suitable ideas from such groups and utilize your time in earning.

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Buying and Selling Groups

WhatsApp group links are available for buying and selling goods. Such groups let the user shop without visiting the market. In these groups, all types of products are available for selling and purchasing. People post their advertisements and get a response from buyers. If someone is interested in buying something, he would contact the relevant person separately and they can discuss each and everything related to the product on WhatsApp. This is the easiest and time-saving method of buying or selling items like electronics, furniture, vehicles, food items, cosmetics, etc. You can join such a WhatsApp group and do an exchange of money with the people around the globe.

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Movies and seasons Groups

WhatsApp offers many such groups that are designed for spreading trending news about movies and seasons. Such groups have links for downloading movies by a single click and having a process for site subscriptions. You can be a part of such groups very easily by simply joining them. Find the group of your interest and join it so what is new in them. Moreover, you can share your stuff in such groups like releasing dates of the trailer, songs and movies and upcoming dates of a new episode of any season so that all the people get interesting news by you.

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Health-related WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp is the trending app and its use is very common among the people throughout the world. There are lots of people who are very serious about their health. They want to get the best tips of exercising, working hours, drinking and eating so that they can be mentally alert and healthy. Such groups have lots of people who are actually health experts. They share daily schedules of working and eating to which you have to follow for a sound body and an active mind. Join these groups and get updates on a daily basis. Follow the tips and schedule to make yourself healthy and strong.

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Online Gaming Groups

Online games are very popular and lots of people all around the world spend money and time on such games. Some of the games are of the multiplayer mode and it is quite difficult to find a person who is interesting in the same game and loves to play with you. This difficulty has been resolved by online gaming groups that offer you lots of game links, players and terms and conditions to follow that make you the winner. Join such groups and enjoy playing games with the best players in the world.

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Study Groups

Some people want to get information about the current changes that often made in education but everyone can’t have the right education. There are some WhatsApp groups designed for spreading knowledge related to studies. For example, such groups have discussion sessions of relevant courses through which you can resolve your confusion and feel free to ask. Moreover, you can learn more about the current findings, the pending researches and what is going to happen in the field of education.

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Job-Related Groups

These groups are classified according to the area in which different opportunities for jobs are available. These groups are quite helpful in searching for jobs related to your field. People often share some posts related to the private and government jobs, last date of applying, criteria and interview dates in these groups. In this way, you can keep yourself alert by joining such groups and find the most suitable job for yourself. You can invite your friends and let them know about their jobs.

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Sports Groups

Outdoor gaming is not as much trending as it is before. It is very important to play outdoor games which make your health good and help to spend your leisure time in any physical activity. WhatsApp groups are made for the players who are interested in playing cricket, hockey, football, and whatever they like to play with other players. Become a part of different teams and go for the matches on relevant dates.

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Can I join WhatsApp Group by myself?

There are some public and private WhatsApp groups depending upon the choice. It is very simple and easy to become a part of it. For example, if one of your friends is a part of that group, he or she can add you to it. Moreover, some have privacy policies in which admin choose the members accordingly

How to get WhatsApp Group Link?

In this article, there are lots of categories offered related to WhatsApp groups to which you can join by simply clicking on the relevant URL.

How to leave WhatsApp Group?

You can very easily leave the WhatsApp group by simply clicking on the exit option that is located below the list of participants of the group.