Whatsapp Transparent APK Download (Updated) Latest Version 2022

Well, there is no doubt that WhatsApp is now a king application in communication. Why not? More than one billion users have voted for it. No-one can deny the utility features of WhatsApp. Take the example of file sharing. People are regularly sharing data through WhatsApp. Why?


Because it’s good for business.

Now, what about extra features? The direct answer is to download the best version of WhatsApp. And today, we will tell you about WhatsApp Transparent, which is the latest presentation by GBApps. You can use it on any Android smartphone having Android 4.0 or above. Moreover, this App was updated a few days ago. And it has been downloaded by more than a million persons online.

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You must be a little curious now. Allow us to guide you about the installation.

How to install WhatsApp Transparent?

Well, the process is pretty straight forward. You should follow each step.

Step 1: Download the APK file

You will not find the App on the Play store. That’s why you have to download the APK file from a third-party site. There are plenty of links you can find by googling the keyword. So, you must download the APK file.

Step 2: Enable unknown source

The APK file will be installed when your Android mobile accepts the “Unknown source” files. That’s why you must go to the “Settings” and enable the “Unknown source.”

Step 3: Go to downloads and select the APK file

Now, you must select the APK file from the download folder. Then, you must tap on the install button. It will take a few moments to install.

Step 4: Enter your phone number and verify it

Now, you must enter your mobile number. And then, you will get a verification code. So, you must enter the code in the required box and start using the App.

What is so special about WhatsApp Transparent?

There are so many things we can put in words. But we will try to show you the best. So, hang on.

Your privacy is under your control

This App provides you with a whole control over your privacy. You can choose contacts to answer the calls. And you can hide read receipts, single ticks, double ticks, and last seen status.

No one can disturb you when you want

You will never get banned from the original App. And you can always put do not disturb mode on when you need absolute peace. Do not disturb mode will block every call and message.

Top-notch performance and UI

All functionality of this App works super-fast and without any glitches. Moreover, UI is improved and better than the original App.

Greater media sharing

You can send 90 media files at once. The original App only lets you send 10 files at once.

Wrap up

No other version of WhatsApp offers privacy better than WhatsApp Transparent. If you are concerned about it, then you must download this version and install it. We are positive that you will never regret it. Have a good day.

WhatsApp Plus iOS Download Latest Version – GbApps.net

WhatsApp has now become the most popular app for communication. Its popularity has passed more than a billion people. In other words, more than a billion-persons are now connected with one platform.

Lately, our users have requested us to write about WhatsApp Plus iOS. That’s why we are presenting this piece. In this article, we will tell you about the app info, features, and method to install WhatsApp Plus on your iPhone. So, you must keep reading for more.

WhatsApp Plus iOS

WhatsApp Plus for iOS

It is an application that is made specifically to run on the Apple system. The following are the details of the application.

  • The size of the downloadable file is 114 MB.
  • It was last updated on 2 December 2019.
  • This app is a freeware. You do not have to pay for anything.
  • This app is compatible with all versions of iOS.


The features of WhatsApp Plus are similar to the Android App. But there are also unique features that require to be mentioned. Let’s dive into detail.

  • You can hide your online status from others.
  • You can hide your last seen status from others.
  • You can disable read receipt. By using this feature, you can attain more privacy by not telling others that you have read the message.
  • You can disable delivery receipts. This feature gives you more power in your privacy settings. People will only know the detail when you wanted them to know.
  • You can customize the look and feel of the WhatsApp. Its means that you are in charge of the appearance of the app.
  • You can use a full profile picture, which will not be cropped.
  • You can send more than 10 media files at once.
  • You are allowed to share music from your device.
  • You can record audio with a single tap. Other than tapping and hold operation.
  • You can lock WhatsApp with a Touch ID or a passcode.
  • You can share files up to 100 MB size.

How to install WhatsApp Plus with Cydia impactor?

The process is straightforward; you need to follow the steps.

  • You must download the WhatsApp Plus IPA file on your computer. You can use this link here.
  • Now, you must download Cydia impactor from here.
  • Now, you must connect your device with the computer by using a USB cable.
  • Open Cydia impactor.
  • Now, you must drag and drop the IPA file into the Cydia impactor.
  • Cydia’s impactor will ask you the Apple ID and password. If you are not comfortable with this, then use an alternate Apple ID.
  • When the app is installed, then go to the settings, then select “General,” after that, you must select the “Profiles.”
  • Now, you have to find the profile with your Apple ID and open it.
  • After that, you must tap on the “Trust” button.
  • Now, you can enjoy the app.

Download WhatsApp Plus

Wrap up

We have described the detail for WhatsApp Plus for iOS. Now, you can download, install, and use the app. Have a good day.

Instagram Plus APK Download ( OFFICIAL) Latest Version 2021

Instagram Plus APK is known worldwide as the modded version of Official Instagram with the inclusion of the latest features that Instagram lacks. This similar version of Instagram is developed with additional privacy options and most of all you can download pictures and videos by using this Instagram Plus APK 2021. Moreover, it is an improved version of Instagram and allows the user to zoom in any profile picture by simply double-tapping.

Instagram Plus APK


In addition, Instagram Plus Apk is designed with so many surprising settings like you can turn on the videos sound by default. In this way, whenever you will watch the video it will play with the sound. Also, Instagram plus the latest version 2019 is an interesting alternative app which offers extra features than the Official Instagram. This app also seems quite stable so, it is a feasible alternative for any regular android user of this well-known social app.

Furthermore, Instagram Plus Apk provides official updates that will never harm your android device and you can enjoy the remarkable features of this app. Most importantly, this modded app is known to be 100% safe for Android users. Another great feature is that Instagram plus allows you to update the base and fix the bugs. Thus, you will love its features after downloading this outstanding app.Like GbWhatsapp WhatsApp Plus & FMWhatsApp APK

Consequently, not any other social app will offer you such cool features than the Instagram Plus Apk does. In fact, not any other Mod version is offering such amazing features. All the additional features of this app will surprise you after you have installed this modded apk. In this article, I will provide you with the latest link to download Instagram Plus Apk 10.20.0 on your Android devices.

Download Instagram Plus

File Information:

App Name Instagram Plus
Version 10.20.0
Last Updated 1 day ago
App Size 25.38 MB
Total Downloads 40,000+
Developer David

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Why Insta Plus Apk is not available in the Play store?

There are millions of social media applications available in the play store, and to be there the apps need to fulfil some set of rules as directed by Google. In the case of Insta Plus Apk, it does not fulfil the rules set by Google. This is the reason, why Instagram Plus Apk is not available in the play store.

Insta + for PC:

If you want to use Instagram Plus Apk on your PC then you can download it by following the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, download an Android Emulator on your PC, such as bluestacks player or noxplayer.
  • Once you have installed the Android emulator on your computer, you can open the Play store.
  • Next, download the Instagram Plus Apk from the play store.
  • After this, install the app on the emulator.
  • It is done, now start using the Instagram plus latest apk on your PC.

How to Install Instagram Plus Apk?

Instagram Plus Apk is so easy to download there is not any special method to install it. The only thing for you to keep in your mind is that first, you need to uninstall the Official Instagram app from your android device. After that, you can download and use this Instagram Plus Apk like the normal apps. Following is the step by step guide to install the Instagram Plus Apk.

  1. First of all, uninstall the Official Instagram App from your Android phone if you have already installed it. For this reason, Go to settings> Apps> Instagram> Uninstall.
  2. After uninstalling the Official Instagram you can directly download this modded version from the link mentioned below.
  1. Now, install the Instagram Plus Apk on your Android phone and it will automatically come to your download folder.
  2. Next, go to your Instagram Plus Apk account and sign in or create a new one.

Wow! You are completely done with the Instagram Plus apk 2019 in just a few minutes. Now you can successfully enjoy the cool and latest features of this app. Yes, you can also amaze your friends by downloading their Instagram photos and videos. Plus, this app is user-friendly and 100% safe and free to use and download.

Features of Instagram Plus Apk

Instagram Plus 2019 has come with various latest and exciting features that you will definitely enjoy using them. The following are the additional features of Instagram Plus Apk.

  • You can download any picture or video from Instagram by using this app.
  • The user of this modded version app can also download any Audio from Instagram without facing any issues.
  • Also, you can see if someone is following you on their Instagram page.
  • Another great feature of this app is that you can see anyone’s full profile picture in one long click.
  • Further, you also easily share the Direct URL to any other app or Social Media Sites.
  • Plus, by downloading this Instagram Plus Apk you can Auto Play Videos with sound.
  • Most importantly, this app also supports various languages like Arabic.

Additional Features of Instagram + Apk 2019

In this section, I will share some of the additional and important features of Instagram Plus Apk that makes this app popular and special than the Official Instagram.

Download Photos and Videos:

Are you unable to download your friend’s photo uploaded on their profile? Yes, then by downloading Instagram Plus 2019 you can simply and easily download the particular images and videos by the downloading option. In fact, by having the Official Instagram you cannot enjoy this feature. Thus, you can download and save any media file in just a few seconds, no matter where you have found it.

Download Instagram Stories:

No doubt 90% of the people have downloaded Instagram+ so that they can download the stories. The Instagram Plus Apk comes with the story Downloading options which are quite amazing. This is the main reason why this apk app has become popular. You can download the story whether it is a picture or a video. Regardless of whether that person is your friend or not, you can download all the Public stories without facing any trouble. For this reason, you can simply open the Status, and click on the Download button from that status screen.

View Profile Pictures in Full Size:

By having Official Instagram, you can never see any person’s DP in full size even if that person is following you as well. But here, the coin is flipped when it comes to Insta plus latest apk. It is solely designed by the developers to provide those features that the Official Instagram lacks.

Hence, by using Instagram plus you can see the enlarge DP by simply long-tapping the respective profile picture or DP and yes you can download that file as well.

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Therefore, Instagram Plus latest Apk is designed with the features that other Modded app do not have. Apart from this, it also contains all the features of Official Instagram as well. Its latest and incredible features are the main reason why users do not come back to Official Instagram.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some important frequently asked questions about the Instagram Plus Apk.

  • Is Instagram Plus Apk is safe to use or not?

It is one of the important and most asked question by the user before installing this app. Well, it is 100% safe and secure to use on your Android device as it is just the modded version of Official Instagram with additional features. There are so many users who have been using this app from last two years and haven’t faced any type of insecurity.

  • Are there some other Mods available, which one is the best?

If you are going to install Insta plus apk then without any doubt you are going to like this app for sure. One of the main reason, why most of the people admire this app, is that this modded version of Instagram is layout with the exceptional features that are restricted in the Official Instagram app. So, this Instagram plus apk is truly the best version.

  • Who is the founder of Instagram Mod Apk Android 1?

This modded version of Instagram “Instagram Plus Apk” is developed by a David.

  • Does using the modded version will Ban me?

Although a few days ago, we heard the news that Instagram is putting a ban on the people who are using the cracked version of Whatsapp like Instagram Plus. In spite of this, let me tell you that the modded version of Instagram is designed with an anti-ban feature which make it sure that you will never face a ban anytime in your life.

Final Verdict:

Overall, Instagram Plus Apk is one of the popular and amazing Instagram Mod with a lot of latest and exciting features. It upholds all the features that every Instagram user requires, but Official Instagram lacks such properties. Thus, you can simply download this app from the link mentioned above and enjoy its up-to-date features in your Android device.

GB Instagram APK (Official) Download Latest Version 2021

Well, you are here. Whether you are a teenage ninja warrior or a homemaker, you are using social media. And I am guessing right about you. And that is you are on Facebook and Instagram. If that is the case with you, then you are about to get your mind blown out. Yes! We are right. Your mind will be astonished by one fact.


GB Instagram is Available in a New Version

Yes! You have read it right. In this post, we will tell you all about GB Instagram APK. It’s an App that will give you a new experience. So, keep reading for more.

First of all, you must be aware of the fact that this App has been downloaded for more than 100 million times. If you do not want to miss out, then read the following installation guide.

How to install GB Instagram APK?

You must know that you cannot download this app from the Play store. It’s not there. You will need a third-party website. So, you must download the APK file from any third-party site and save it on your Android phone. And then, follow these steps.

  • Pull out your Android phone and unlock the screen.
  • Now, you must go to the “Settings” and enable the “Unknown source.”
  • After that, you must select the APK file from the downloads and start installing it.
  • It will take a few moments to finish installing.
  • Now, you must launch the App.
  • After that, you must enter your Instagram account detail.

Download Now

Voila! You are using the new version of Instagram.

As you have seen the installation procedure,now, we will show you what the exclusive things about this particular App are.

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All Special things about GB Instagram APK

The APK file size is 48 MB. But you are not here for that. You are here for exclusive features. That’s why we are mentioning them below.

You will never get banned from Instagram

This App is a legitimate version. That’s why Instagram authorities will never ban your account. So, do not worry about your account safety.

You will never require to root your device

Most third-party apps require you to root your mobile phone. But this App works properly without rooting the device.

Check FMWhatsApp 

Zoom options

The usual Instagram App does not allow you to zoom the images and profile pictures. This leads to less satisfaction while surfing through the feed. This App lets you zoom the profile pictures and images. This way, you get more clarity with photos.

Automatic translator

Instagram is an App with Global users. That’s why people post their stuff in their native languages. And it creates a problem for users while comprehending the post. This App translates all stuff into plain English. Consequently, you will never miss any information due to language insufficiency.

Marking the message

In the original App, you cannot mark messages. Due to this, you lose track of your messages. But this App lets you mark the messages. So, you can use the message later.

Dual Instagram

The original App allows you to use only one account. But this App enables you to use two Instagram accounts on a single App. This way, you can use both private and business accounts in a single App.


You have the choice to customize anything on this App. You can choose various themes from the library. And you can also choose many fonts. This App is fully under your control with respect to UI.

Hide your online presence

The original App lets other users see your online status. But, this App allows you to hide your online presence. This way, you can browse Instagram without being noticed by followers or contacts. Hence, you become a private user of Instagram.

You can copy captions and bios

If you like anyone’s caption or bios, then this App will let you copy that. In other words, you can use anyone’s words for your post without typing it.

Wrap up

We have described the installation guide and salient features of GB Instagram APK. Now, you can use the information for your good. We assure you it will be an exhilarating experience. Have a good day.

OG Instagram Apk Download 14.3 (Official) Latest Version 2021

Instagram is the trending application and it has millions of downloads. It is a social application on which you can post your photos and videos with your friends and family. OG Instagram Apk is the modified version of Instagram that provides lots of functions and options that are not available in the official Instagram application.

OG Instagram Apk

OG Instagram Apk basic information

The full name of the application is OG Instagram Apk It was developed by OG Insta Team
Location of the device Its version is 10.14.0
Its size is 25 MBs only WIFI Connection is recommended
It was last updated a day ago External Storage Access

Download Now

Exclusive functions of OG Instagram Apk

OG Instagram offers many options to the users which are not provided by the official application. You can get lots of exciting features which are mentioned below

Multiple Account Support

You can log in 2 accounts in a once using OG Instagram Apk. You will get the notifications related to both accounts at the same time using this interesting version of IG. There is no need to remove your account information to log in to another one. Just

Operate both accounts simultaneously using OG Instagram Apk.

Download Media

The best thing about this version of Instagram is its media downloading feature. Official Instagram never allows its user to download any image, video or GIF in the gallery from the application while in case of OG Instagram Apk, you can download all types of media including images, videos, boomerangs  and anything else directly into the gallery

Share Links

Using OG Instagram Apk, you can share URLs of images and videos with your friends very easily. In this way, they can make quick access to the media that you want to share with them.

Follow indicator

OG Instagram Apk has an inbuilt ‘Follow indicator’. This feature is designed to let the user know about the people who are following or un-following him. You will get a notification whenever you find someone who starts following you or un-follow your account.

Zoom profile picture

OG Instagram Apk is the application that makes your access to the tiny profile picture and allows you to zoom in. In the case of the original application, you are unable to view that image properly.

IGTV video access

You have enjoyed the feature of IGTV on official Instagram in which you can see the lengthy videos very easily. These videos are not downloaded by the official Instagram app. Download the whole IGTV video by using OG Instagram Apk.


OG Instagram APK allows the user to translate the texts which they receive in personal chats. You can translate captions only in using official IG application but this version offers you text message translation.

The auto-playing of videos

In the official IG app, you need to click on the video for opening the sound of the video. OG Instagram is designed with the autoplay of sound. This is the default function of this application.

Facebook connection

Connect this application with Facebook and share your post from IG to Facebook very comfortably. This feature helps save time and allows the user to share a single post on two different sites by just a single click.

Download Stories

Using OG Instagram Apk, you can download stories of the contacts in your gallery. There is no need to ask for written status as well. You can easily copy the written status and paste it wherever you want using OG Instagram Apk.

Multi-language support

OG Instagram has inbuilt multi-language support that helps to operate this application in the desired language without any difficulty.

Copy Bios and Captions

You can copy the bios of the people and paste it anywhere. OG Instagram Apk has an option of clipboard that let the user copy written statuses, captions, and all types of texts so that they can use these lines for themselves.

Installation Guide of OG Instagram Apk

OG Instagram is the modified version of the official Instagram Apk. It is not available on the Google play store but it can easily be downloaded through the official page of OG Instagram.

Here are the steps you need to follow for the downloading of OG Instagram Apk

  • OG Instagram is a third party application. It requires permissions of the unknown source from the settings of the device.
  • Connect your device to the internet connection and visit the official page of OG Instagram Apk
  • Click over the link below the page given for downloading the application
  • Save the file in ‘downloads’ folder of your phone
  • Wait until the downloading process completes
  • Before launching the application
  • Allow the permissions of the unknown source from the settings
  • After enabling the permission, open the app and create your account
  • You can log in by using any previous account too

Is OG Instagram legal?

The OG Instagram Apk is a third party application. It is not available on Google play store but it never interferes with the phone’s feature and safe to use in all types of devices.

How to get OG Instagram?

OG Instagram can easily be downloaded from the link available on the official page of the application.

Is the application difficult to use?

OG Instagram has a similar interface with the official application. It has user-friendly options and all the details related to the operation of this application are easily understandable to the users.

What are the unique features of OG Instagram Apk?

This mode of Instagram has an anti-ban feature, it can fix bugs and malware. You can avoid advertisements and it takes less storage compared to other versions of Instagram.

Check GBInstagram Instagram Plus

Wrap Up

All the descriptions given in the context explained the user-friendliness and awesome working of OG Instagram Apk. You can make calls, load different filters, edit your images and share media with your friends using this smart application. Although the application is a third-party app there is no need to be worried about its working as it is a secure application and save your device from all types of malware. Get the OG Instagram on your smartphone and love sharing media with your friends.