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WhatsApp is the best app for communication, sharing pictures, videos, voice notes, and documents. The best thing about WhatsApp is end-to-end encryption. Due to this property, users are free to communicate with privacy.

YoWhatsApp iOS

Today, we will tell you about a modified version of WhatsApp, which is called YoWhatsApp iOS. This version has more features that are absent in the original app. In this article, we will tell you about the features and installation guide. So, you must keep reading for more.

YoWhatsApp iOS

The following is information about the app.

  • This app is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by independent developers.
  • The file size is 46 MB.
  • This app is a freeware. You do not have to pay for anything.
  • This app was last updated on 2 December 2019.


All the features of the app are similar to the original WhatsApp. But we will mention the features that are new. Let’s dive into the detail.

  • You can set an auto-reply to messages.
  • You can set a message scheduler, which will allow you to send messages at a specific time.
  • You can hide recent, unseen, and view status.
  • The design of the settings is modified.
  • You can change the color of the interface. And this app allows you to preview the color change.
  • Gif categories are enabled in this app.
  • You can archive chat UI for later use.
  • You are allowed to zoom images and edit them before sending or uploading them to the status or a conversation.
  • You can put the app on Airplane mode. This feature is new and unique among all WhatsApp versions.
  • You can hide chats and disable the “Forward to” button.
  • You have the option to clean the WhatsApp database backup.
  • The codes are reorganized to work faster than usual.
  • This app is a ban proof app.
  • You have an emoji changer during conversations.
  • You can zoom for profile footage.
  • You can hide the last seen status.
  • Modified themes are available on the theme server.
  • You can hide ticks and bubbles.
  • You have a counter for statistics in groups. This way, you have an overview of group chats and conversations.
  • You can preview media without loading.
  • You can send videos up to 30 MB size.
  • You can send 90 pictures in one message.
  • Status words are increased from 139ncharacters to 250 characters.
  • You can hide the date and number while copying the message to another contact.
  • You can copy and paste status.
  • More document file formats are added to the support.

Download YoWhatsApp

Steps to install YoWhatsApp iOS

The following are the steps.

  • You must go to iTunes and download YoWhatsApp
  • After downloading, it will install itself automatically.
  • Now, after installation, you must trust the app.
  • So, you must go to the settings and then tap on “General.” After that, you must select Profiles & device management.
  • Then you must find the app profile and trust it by following the screen instructions.
  • After that, you can enjoy the app.

Wrap up

We have described the features and methods to install the YoWhatsApp. Now, you can install the app and use it. Have a good day.

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